Jiangsu Fengrun Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Fengrun Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd was founded in 1995. It’s an enterprise specialized in the production of evaporators and condensers of ACs and refrigerators, bundy tubes and other refrigeration accessories. Now it has 22 AC evaporator and condenser production lines, with the annual production capacity of 4 million sets and it’s the largest AC evaporator and condenser manufacturing base in China. It possesses one aluminum blowing evaporator workshop with the annual output of 3.5 million sets, one wire-and-tube condenser workshop with the annual output of 2.5 million sets, one wire-and-tube condenser workshop with the annual output of 2 million sets, and one copper pipe and aluminum pipe finned evaporator workshop with the annual output of 1 million sets. In addition, the company has 30,000 tons’ bundy tube production line, several special copper equipments, with the monthly production of 3 million three-way, three-jaw and bending tube copper products, and 600,000 pieces of copper and aluminum joints for AC use.

Since its establishment, the company has 1000 employees, over 100 full time technical and inspection personnel; it also has advanced production equipments and perfect inspection means to design and develop the evaporator and condenser products for the users. In 1999, the company passed the ISO9002 quality system certification and the product quality is under full control. The company has abided by the operation concepts of “quality, price and service, followed the purpose of “continuously satisfying the clients’ requirements and expectation” and achieved the full trust of many clients.

Currently it has established long-term cooperative relations with the world renowned household appliance brand companies, for instance: Samsung, LG from South Korea, GM, Whirlpool, Electrolux from USA, and Carrier from Australia, etc and with the domestic famous brands, for instance: Haier, Frestec, Midea, MeiLing, Aucma, Royalstar, etc. Fengrun company will pay attention to the clients as always, provide the satisfactory products to the users and we warmly welcome the clients from home and abroad to negotiate for cooperation.

Changzhou Fengrun Import and Export Co., Ltd

Changzhou Fengrun Import and Export Co., Ltd is affiliated to Jiangsu Fengrun Group, which mainly operates the import and export of different categories of products, equipments and technologies under the group; currently the main operation scope focuses on the household/commercial AC (cabinet, wall-hanging, mobile), dehumidifier, heater, household/commercial refrigerator, ice box, display cabinet, dish washer, ice machine and the relevant accessory business of this category of products, for instance: heat exchanger (various evaporators, condensers), copper tubes, aluminum tubes, steel tubes, aluminum plates, aluminum foil, copper-aluminum connection tube, copper tubing, heater, powder, bowl blue, etc. It’s also gradually developing the overseas businesses for the electronic products, such as TV (flat panel TV, LED LCD), GPS, microwave oven, body building apparatus and the relevant accessories, for instance: motor, wire, switch and diode, etc. It’s also engaged in the import and export of other products and equipments, for instance: medical apparatuses, welding equipments, plastic particles, apparel fabrics, etc.

The products are divided into six categories, the following is the relevant products information

Household air temperature/humidity/speed regulating electric appliances (AC, heater, dehumidifier, humidifier, fan)
Refrigeration products’ accessories and materials (evaporator, condenser, copper, aluminum and steel tubes, etc)
Household/commercial appliances (refrigerator, TV, microwave oven, dish washer, display cabinet, ice machine, etc)
Electric products and accessories (GPRS, LED LCD, motor, wire and diode, etc )
Small equipment products (welding equipment, molding tools processing, medical apparatuses, electric tool kit, etc)
Products of other categories (powder, heater, bowl blue, plastic particles, apparel fabrics, etc)

Changzhou Yurun Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Yurun Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the affiliates of Jiangsu Fengrun Electrical Appliance Group. It has the annual sales volume of nearly 300 million Yuan and mainly produces the copper tubing, injection molding, and sheet metal components for the AC.

The company has 470 employees, including 20 technicians, 22 quality management personnel and 30 managerial personnel. The company completely follows the ISO9001 quality management system.

Now it has 10 U-Bends, 6 ring machines, 10 automatic drop machines, 18 full automatic precision three-dimensional benders, 3 automatic flangers, 15 welding benches, 8 high frequency welding machines, 3 automatic multi-functional welding machines and it has the annual production capacity of AC tubing of 2 million sets. The company has 22 Haitian injection molding machines, among which, there are 1 1400T machine, 3 1300T injection machines, 5 1000T injection machines, 2 800T injection machines and 11 470T-530T and it has the annual production capacity of 2 million injection molding machines. It has 32 panel beating press lines, 3 250T panel beating press lines, one automatic spray line, with the annual production of 2 million sets of panel beatings for the external unit of ACs.

Changzhou Fengrunda Logistics Co., Ltd

Changzhou Fengrunda Logistics Co., Ltd is a standardized freight logistics company under Fengrun Group, which incorporates the storage, container transportation and carload freight together. It was approved to be registered by Changzhou Administration Office for Industry and Commerce. Since its establishment in June, 2013, it has always abided by the principles of standardized management and human-based services, held the purposes of “credibility and satisfactory services”, aimed at creating the “first-class warehouse, first-class equipments, first-class management, first-class dispatch and first-class services”and built Changzhou Fengrunda Logistics into a pole in the logistics industry.

The company has expanded the client service network and is capable of providing the high quality services for the logistics and freight storage of customers. In order to meet the requirements of customers, the comprehensive Internet and telephone consultation could offer you accurate and latest market information. The professional service attitude and perfect quality could ensure that no matter the materials, storage, or freight transportation could arrive at the destination rapidly and safely so that the services could extend far without limitation.

Purposes of the company:

Reliable trust, is the power for the existence of the company.
Rapid speed, ensures you to save more time.
Specific insurance, solves the potential worry for you.

Service purposes:

Human-based, pioneering and innovative, effective and pragmatic.